Gas Leaks

Gas leaks can potentially be dangerous, so it is important that you get them attended to by a professional fast. Do you have a gas leak in Hertfordshire or London? If so, please contact us as soon as possible. Whether you are a domestic or commercial customer. Gas leaks are often first detected by the ‘rotten egg’ smell of gas coming from a boiler or piper.

Gas leaks are potentially very dangerous and can be costly to repair if not identified quickly and repaired by fully qualified gas safety engineers.

Gasforce Plumbers fully qualified gas safety engineers can be with your domestic or commercial gas leak within an hour of you live in London Colney or the surrounding areas.

We can detect, identify and repair leaks extremely quickly and usually with minimal. We strongly advise you to call us as soon as possible if you can smell gas, gas leaks can happen unexpectedly and without warning.

If you do suspect a gas leak do not smoke or light matches, do not turn switches on or off, open as many as doors and windows as possible, if possible turn off your gas meter using the control handle. Call us and we can send a gas safety engineer to you straight away.

As with many plumbing issues prevention is better than cure, it is best practise to carry out a gas safety inspectional annually, if you are landlord you will need a gas safety certificate which can be carried out by one of our gas expert plumbers quickly and at the most competitive possible rate.

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